Ages: 18 years old + up

Bible Classes meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM

Bible Classes are an elective-style format, where several classes of various topics are offered for 13-week semesters. All adults are welcome to choose the class they prefer.

Available Classes
fall 2017

  • How to Study the Bible - Room 106

This course will teach believers understand how to be better read, study, and know their Bible. How can we understand the Old Testament better? Are there different rules for different genres? How do I talk with non-Christians about the Bible? This course will answer all of these questions and more.

  • The Bible's Answers to Big Questions - Room 104

This course will mine the theological truth of scripture. What is God like? What is sin? Who is Jesus and what did he really come to do? We call ourselves believers, and this course is a great study of what Christians believe.

  • Kingdom Life - Room 108

This course is a study of the Beatitudes found in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Through the gospel, the Kingdom of Christ has broken in to the present age. How would Jesus have us to live? What does it meant to be a citizen of the Kingdom? Find out with this study from Matthew 6.