God is the creator of the world. He made all people in his image (Gen 1.27) to love and worship him. God is holy, pure, and perfect (Lev 19.2; Josh 24.19; 1 Sam 2.2; Ps 77.13). The world exists for God's glory, and was good from the beginning (Gen 1-2).


Although the world was good, it is now broken because people rebelled against God through sin (Gen 3; Ps 14; Rom 3.9-18; 5.12). Humanity is now broken, but we still bear the image of God. People need to be made right with God, cleansed from their guilt, and given hope and meaning.


Jesus is the only one who can make humanity right with with God, cleanse our guilt, and give us hope. He is God (John 1.1-3; Col 1.15-20; Heb 1.1-3), and he is a man (John 1.14; Phil 2.7-8; 1 John 1.1-4). Jesus is the only bridge between God and broken people (1 Tim 2.5). Christ is the only hope for a hurting people, and his gospel is told through the Bible.


People must respond to the gospel of Jesus through faith. The gospel calls men and women to repent of their sin, and to trust in Christ alone to save them from sin, death, and the wrath of God. When they do, they are made right with God, cleansed from their guilt, and given the hope of eternal life, resurrection, and a new world.